Be Prepared Emerge Agile


Integrity | Teamwork | Responsiveness

Emergility, LLC is comprised of motivated, accomplished, and industry-leading talent.

Our extended network yields traditional and non-traditional service offerings that align with what you need. Below are just a few of our specialized service offerings.
Emergility, LLC is a minority owned small business serving you, the public, and private sector. Our MISSION is to yield industry-leading solutions to help strengthen businesses, organizations and communities. We achieve our mission through our collaborative-client-consultation (C3) approach that facilitates a shared discovery of services and solutions.

At Emergility, we:

• Recognize the demands of communities, organizations, and businesses, and the importance of mission and service continuity. (be PREPARED)
• Understand the risks posed by emergencies, disasters, and crisis of all sorts, and the need to not just survive, but to also emerge. (prepare to EMERGE)
• Appreciate the impact of change, and the need for quick and intelligent adaptability. (emerge AGILE)

Prepareness knowing what hazards are in your backyard.

Agility quickly navigating changes along your path.


Enterprise Resilience & Agility

Public organizations and private enterprises alike must make critical decisions in the face of uncertainty every day. They do this while managing risk, meeting regulatory requirements, and maintaining supply chain to ensure customers and the public receives the services they demand. Knowing what enterprise systems and organizational structures to harden promotes resilience so services and infrastructures can weather various storms. Building agile processes and operations through continuous innovation empowers quick adaptability in response to changes driven by clients, the market, and public need.

Business Continuity & Emergency Management

Businesses of all sorts rely on having their doors open to clients and consumers, daily. Days without power, personnel or profit can result in major disruptions to total business failure. Securing on-going business success starts with the realization that business continuity management is not an option.

Planned events and no-notice incidents provide increasing challenges for public organizations and businesses. While management alone can be tough, managing an emergency can be far more complex. Leading emergency management practices support organizations and businesses to better manage resources, reduce costs, and enhance overall management control. Having in place strategic partnerships, trained personnel, and tested plans are critical to any risk based emergency management program.

Process Improvement & Performance Excellence

Successful projects, businesses, and organizations are a product of deliberate evidence-based planning, strategy, and management. Fueled by lessons learned and performance excellence, good business is realized when good science is applied to inform continuous innovation and process improvement. While successful businesses and organizations require a committed and skilled workforce, achieving strong leadership to guide the organization and business through change and uncertainty is paramount.

Research & Development

All things evolve: microbes, programmatic funding, and research priorities. Research and development can improve a business, organization, and community through continuous innovation, discovery, and the improvement of processes and products. From the laboratory-bench to the front lines of business service and delivery, research and development helps organizations of all sizes better manage uncertainty, evolve, and excel.