Who We Serve


Academia & Higher Education

From hurricanes to school violence, we believe much can be done to prevent loss of life, ensure continuity in education and sustain healthy learning environments for all students, staff, and faculty. At Emergility, we are committed to keeping our schools, colleges, and universities safe, secure, and open for business. In recent years, we’ve seen the devastation individuals and disasters can bring to classrooms, campuses, and entire university systems. We are here to make sure your institution is prepared for the unexpected, and that your doors never close.

Business & Private Sector

At Emergility, we are passionate about helping businesses of all sorts plan, improve, and excel. And we believe the success of our business is a product of our client’s success. From solutions in process improvement, learning how to be more agile, to performance excellence, we are here to support your business needs. Keeping your business running, prepared, and ready for change is our business.

Government & Policy

The public puts tremendous trust in the government to keep our Nation’s communities safe, secure, and healthy. From small town operations to large Federal enterprises, the public demands efficiency in spending, resources, and time. At Emergility, we support all levels of government to achieve effective and responsible planning, process improvement and management of projects, and programs of all scales. When providing service to the government, we take great pride knowing we’re serving our Nation.

Health (Public Health, Hospitals & Healthcare)

Healthy communities, organizations, and businesses start with healthy people. At Emergility, we believe it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain good health. This is only made possible through continuous access to robust, comprehensive networks of clinical providers, and healthcare infrastructures supported by public and private partnerships operating around the clock everyday. Our business is keeping healthcare providers and systems of all sizes prepared, operating, and accessible to patients in need of care.

Occupational Health & Safety

Private and public responders and receivers risk life and limb to keep our communities safe. Made evident by recent events, such as Super Storm Sandy and the 2014-2015 Ebola crisis, personnel can face extreme, extraordinary work threats, and hazards at a moments notice. At Emergility, we are committed to keeping those who serve ready, trained, and confident to perform critical tasks, safely. When it comes to supporting your occupational health and safety needs, that’s our business.

Homeland Security & Defense

The defense and security of the homeland is not an option. Every community in the Nation faces daily threats posed by individuals and groups, hazards caused by nature or compromised infrastructure, and other technological accidents. These threats and hazards originate domestically and abroad and are managed through complex networks of public and private partnerships. At Emergility, we are committed to securing the homeland.

Science & Technology

Want to revolutionize your business, improve your organization, and change the world? At Emergility, we believe science and technology is necessary for all game changers, public, and private. Be it improving drug and medical countermeasure development, or testing a new communications method, science, and technology provides powerful, evidence-based results through constant innovation. When it comes to exploring your science and technology needs, choose Emergility.