About Us

Emergility, LLC
Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Imagine a professional services firm with perseverance, vision, and expertise:

  • Dedicated to leading clients through uncertainty, change, and crisis.
  • Postured to plan and execute collaboratively, intelligently, and strategically.
  • Committed to its clients, and everything they do.


Emergility, LLC is a minority owned small business serving you, the public, and private sector. Our MISSION is to yield industry-leading solutions to help improve, strengthen, and protect businesses, organizations, and communities. We achieve our mission through our client-focused collaborative approach that facilitates a shared discovery of solutions and support.


We recognize the demands of communities, organizations, and businesses, and the importance of mission and service continuity.


prepare to EMERGE

We understand the risks posed by threats, hazards, and crisis of all sorts, and a realistic need to emerge unbroken, stronger, and better.


emerge AGILE

We appreciate the impact of change, and the need for quick and intelligent adaptability.